Being in South Louisiana for over 40 years has afforded us a unique position to develop long lasting relationships with hundreds of our community businesses many are whom we work with to coordinate care for our mutual patients and others are part of the community we serve.

It takes many providers and a willingness to coordinate services to be effective in helping people to live at home with health care challenges and home health is certainly no exception. This is but a short list of the types of companies we work with. They provide support, referrals and specific services to achieve the goal of care and independence at home. They include assisted living, skilled nursing homes, independent living, infusion companies, pharmacies, medical equipment companies, Medicaid service providers, outpatient therapy companies, comprehensive medical clinics, sleep clinics, wound care clinics, ambulance providers, case management companies and Councils on Aging, among others.

Evangeline Home Health is proud to support and work with these service providers. It is our goal to continue to be a fully networked provider for coordination of care and remain an effective partner for all those we work with.

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