Evangeline Home Health works with all area hospital and facility Discharge Planners, Case Managers and Medical Social Workers to achieve an effective transition to home especially in light of today’s health care environment.

Regardless of the day of the week or time, our staff assures that all patient discharges are cared for with particular attention to ensure care is initiated and delivered with the highest priority.

Our clinical team is available to work with hospital staff to assist with all aspects of patient coordination of services including patient education and responsive to care with immediate scheduling of registered nurse admission. We are available to assist with setting up home care needs including implementation of specific diagnosis clinical pathways prior to discharge. Because we place patient care before profits, we are an ideal choice for post hospital care because we invest more dollars per patient in disease management tools. This is especially true for at risk patients whose conditions may be fragile or lead to unexpected and untoward outcomes.

Our unique clinical approach includes much needed patient tools to ensure the best foundation for proactively managing disease complexities that decrease safety concerns, engage early in medication management and disease stabilization. In addition to our patients, their family members, friends and volunteers are trained to provide the best chance possible for our patients to live as safely and independently as possible. This creates the ideal environment to ensure discharge to home is most successful as well as enhancing the reduction of rehospitalizations. Because of this, Evangeline Home Health is an effective partner offering an ideal and alternative choice for achieving both patient and facility goals.

We are an active participant in the Home Health Quality Initiative to reduce rehospitalizations and in the Hospital to Home (H2H) national quality initiative. We are members of Home Care Association of Louisiana (HCLA), our CEO is the president-elect of HCLA which gives us a unique perspective regarding health care in Louisiana and positions us a proactive approach to change.

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