For over 45 years we have worked to meet and exceed the expectations of the thousands of patients, their physicians, hospitals, and payer sources who ultimately decide what “quality” really is and what it should be. We take this responsibility very seriously because quality has always been a priority for us. We can honestly say that for Evangeline it has been our focus to create a sincere caring commitment, a strong team and to utilize our years of experience in order to accomplish the expected outcome by whoever is defining quality.

Our commitment to quality and results became more tangible when Evangeline achieved a quality star ranking among the highest rated agencies in the area by our patients and Medicare. We attribute our achievements with the deeply rooted leadership in all areas of our patient care, patient satisfaction, operations and organizational development. Evangeline’s quality initiatives have also led to the development of specialty programs, like the award-winning HomeSight Low Vision Rehab Program. We are proud and thankful that CMS recognized our quality by designating Evangeline as achieving 5 out of 5 stars for Patient Satisfaction and 4 out of 5 Stars for Quality, a ranking which is among the highest in the State and Nation.

We are aware that “quality is subjective, much like beauty being in the eyes of the beholder” . Numbers and statistics can never tell the whole story. And although we received 4 out of 5 Stars for Clinical Quality, we will never stop asking if there is anything we can do better. Our reputation and integrity is based our clinical outcomes and personal satisfaction of all those we serve. These are our Evangeline Stars.

CMS (Medicare) Star ratings are based on specific, measurable, and time-based outcomes reported and compiled through data collected from every home health agency in the nation. Agencies are assigned Star ratings by Medicare that are indicative of Quality Care and Patient Satisfaction.

Evangeline’s philosophy of care and service provision for the past 45 years has produced “star ratings” for years with our patients, physicians, and families. Since 2010 CMS has been measuring quality and patient satisfaction through a combination of measures based in the evaluation, treatment, and the plan of care developed by our nurses and therapists and approved by the physician. Evangeline did not change our method of treatment or patient engagement to achieve higher scores, we did what we always have done: treat the patient with respect and dignity according to the highest standards of nursing and medicine.

The Home Care Association of Louisiana (HCLA) is an advocate for education, innovation, compliance, and the ethical treatment of patients by member home health agencies in the State of Louisiana.
Providing leadership and investing in your future led Evangeline to help form HCLA. Over the years HCLA and its member agencies have

kept abreast of the ever changing healthcare industry. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act came new challenges and opportunities to improve care, lower cost, and address population health. Evangeline is proud be an integral part of HCLA and for our CEO, Lisi Coleman to serve as the President of HCLA.

The Visiting Nurses Association (VNAA) represents the highest national standards for clinical competence, education, service delivery, and home health advocacy. VNAA advances quality, value, and innovation in home-base care.

Evangeline is proud to be associated with the oldest and largest association of community based home care providers in the nation. The VNA traces its origins to 1880’s in America http://www.thevnacares.org/files/9613/3097/7002/timelineEngine.swf. VNAA represents mission-driven home healthcare and hospice agencies from all regions of the country from rural to urban in over 33 states with a membership base of 130 agencies in 600 branches. In order to meet the challenges in healthcare for the next 45 years, Evangeline chose to join the VNAA to be able to influence regulation and legislation through a larger, national associating dedicated to quality and excellence.

As a leader in advancing marketplace trust, BBB sets high ethical standards for business conduct. The Better Business Bureau rates businesses according to input from consumers in the community.

Being a community based healthcare provider means more than just meeting minimum acceptable standards of behavior, ethics, and practice. It means actually developing linkages in community resources and holding ourselves to the highest standard of conduct and response to our customers. This kind of interaction and investment in our communities has been a trademark of Evangeline for the past 45 years. The BBB can attest to our business character and commitment to best practice. We are proud to be a member of the BBB.

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