Message from the CEO

Lisi Coleman

I would have to say that home care is a natural part of my life. As a young girl, I often sat in my mother’s office at Evangeline Home Health where she was a nurse and watched as everyone busily worked. I grew up listening to stories of the elderly and enjoyed frequent visits to the Eunice nursing home located only one block from my home.

My mother, Deanie McWhorter, was a registered nurse who drove to the deepest most rural parts of South Louisiana to care for patients. It’s hard to imagine but back in the 1970’s home health was not very well known or understood. From Breaux Bridge to Pine Praire; Eunice to Geuydan, there were few places she and her staff couldn’t find a way to get to. Oh the car may not have made it completely to the house, but a tractor and some rubber boots might have finished the trip. These were her people. Today, they are our grandparents and great grandparents but also the foundation of Louisiana.

This was first hand perspective of what caring for the aged looked like. What I saw involved compassion, ingenuity, and a drive to go the extra mile to serve. As an adult and as Evangeline’s CEO today, those traits are a part of what has motivated me both as a nurse in health care and in my personal life.

My mother eventually went on to become Evangeline Home Health’s Administrator and although her role changed, she never stopped being an active part of patient care and has truly inspired all who worked with her to do the same. Evangeline Home Health turned 40 last year and we are working on plans for the next 40.

Since 1971, we have worked diligently to become a meaningful and valuable contributor to our community by providing much needed care to the sick and giving of ourselves to those who needed us. The future of health care depends upon each of us doing our part, and we intend to continue to do just that. After all, we have a lot to give back because many have contributed so much to our lives.

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