I am going to use the analogy of a football team to explain Care Coordination in healthcare. The team is made up of players, coaches, managers, owners and fans. What’s the most important part of a football game? The ball, of course. In this analogy, the patient is the “ball”. The goal is to move the ball from wherever it is on the field, across the goal line to achieve the desired outcome for the game.

The quarterback is the physician who is guided by his coach’s game plan or plan of care. The Care Plan is based on all available intelligence and scouting reports (tests and labs). The players involved with executing and coordinating the Plan of Care are skilled, competent, experienced and well-trained professionals that move the ball (patient) across the goal line.

Care Coordination, like the game of football, can be complex and baffling if you don’t know the rules of the game and trust the players. Being the ball, it’s hard to see your role in the game. However, without the ball there is no game. You are the most important part of our game plan, and we are here to meet your goals and help you understand the complexity of Care Coordination in today’s healthcare.

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