At Evangeline Home Health, home truly is where the heart is. We understand the bonds of family and we’ve worked to provide this level of comfort to our patients in their own homes across South Louisiana for more than 40 years.

Apart from our mission and our reach, we’ve become a national leader in home health.

  • We rank among some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the nation.
  • We’ve trained hundreds of nurses, therapists, and other staff.
  • We’ve created special programs to address specific needs of our patients. Our most widely known program, HomeSight™, has even received attention from the Johns Hopkins University Department of Ophthalmology.

Here at home, we’ve built relationships with the families who have welcomed us. We believe in the value of home, the importance of friendship, and the call to meet your expectations.

Evangeline Home Health. You’ve been expecting us.

Home health care was created in the 1960’s for the purposes of providing much needed health care services to people in their homes. This provision was a huge step in ensuring the access, privacy and freedom for independence for senior citizens.

Even today, the access to health care in the home is emphasized for those who have difficulty leaving home for regular care due to limitations. Evangeline Home Health was one of the earliest home health agencies in Louisiana, with license #44 of thousands that have been issued! Each state varies in oversight and licensing requirements in addition to Medicare certification requirements. Evangeline Home Health is licensed by the State of Louisiana under the same department who licenses our hospitals and other health care facilities.

The home health services one can receive range from nurses, physical and occupational therapists, home health aides and social workers.

Each of these services may be provided when a patient’s physician determines they are needed to help restore health and function following a spell of illness, such as a hospital stay or recent visit to the doctor.

Medicare’s home health is typically utilized for patients over the age of 65. But home health isn’t just for seniors. Today, many agencies, including Evangeline Home Health, also provide services to infants, children and young adults as many private insurances and Medicaid pay for home health services as well.

With home health a person might receive such care as a nurse to change the dressings on a wound, to administer IV’s or injections, or for teaching and training on medications, or perhaps to assess an unstable blood pressure. A patient might receive physical or occupational therapy to regain function of a leg, to improve walking and balance or to improve ability to dress or other self care due to a recent hip or knee replacement surgery, or a recent stroke.

Today, home health continues to be an important part of the health care environment. It serves a vital role in the coordination of care amongst the various health care services people receive outside of the home. In addition, home health can provide a variety of specialized programming for particular diseases and physician specialists such as orthopedics, cardiology and psychiatry. Evangeline Home Health provides many specialized services including HomeSight low vision, Memory Care, Orthopedic Surgery, In Home Coumadin Clinic, HomeLight infrared light therapy, and behavioral health services among many others. Visit our Specialized Programs page for a full listing. Evangeline Home Health has been providing all of these services with a unique perspective. We have been in your community for over 40 years and deeply understand our patient’s challenges as well as the environment we provide our services in.


In addition, Medicare has special considerations for coverage of home health. We have included the link HERE for your reference.