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“Helping Our Veterans” Giveaway Winners

Announcing the Veteran WINNERS of the Shopping Trip Giveaway!!! Thank you all for nominating so many wonderful people! We were overwhelmed with how many we received and the stories we heard about these veterans.

We had so many nominations that we pulled even more names for a $20 gift card grocery shopping trip! Please be sure to email us the mailing addresses for our winners below to ALSO, each veteran nominated will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for their service in the mail; so be sure to send in their mailing addresses as well. Alternatively, you can call our office MONDAY with the address 888-769-9243.

1. Lafayette area $100 winner – Mr. John Smith
2. Lake Charles area $100 winner – Mr. James Skinner
3. Ville Platte/Eunice/Basile area $100 winner – Mr. Lyle Chauvin

AND $20 gift card shopping trip WINNERS are:
Mr. John Berry Coffman, Mr. Robert Ardoin, Derek Williams, Larry Thomas Jr., Mr. James Burleigh, Mr. Charles Ellis, Mr. Jay Ellender, Dr. Robert Brierty, Mr. Daniel Perry, Wilbert Deshotels, Hebert Mask, Herman Peterson, Mr. Robert Barragan, Cynthia Montes, Micah Crader.

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EHH Character Award August 2016

Evangeline Home Health announces the newest recipient of our character award “Louisiana Culture”, Jennifer Carter, CNA. Jennifer was nominated by her peers for her kindness and for the true spirit of Louisiana she shows daily through her hospitality and friendliness. Jennifer is from Elton, La. She has been a part of our team for 17 years. She loves everything about Louisiana…the people especially!

Jennifer, thank you for sharing the love we have for our culture with everyone you meet. It is truly why Evangeline Home Health considers this characteristic SO important to who we are!

jen carter la culture


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EHH Characteristic Award June 2016

The Evangeline Home Health Characteristic Award is an ongoing opportunity for our team to acknowledge the hard work of their coworkers by sharing the amazing things that make each person so special.

The characteristics that we will present an award for are those characteristics that we have defined make Evangeline WHO we are.
They are:

Clinical quality, Louisiana Culture, Trust, Compassion, Caring, Integrity, Community, Responsibility, Flexibility, Innovation, Steadfast, Dependable

Here is what we emailed to our employees to make the announcement:

Thank you all for participating in our first Evangeline Home Health Characteristic Award nominations. There were several people who recognized their coworkers and all had wonderful things to say about each! We are honored and proud to be a part of such a prestigious group who care so much for each other and the patients they serve.

The 2016 EHH Characteristic award for CARING goes to: Myra Vincent, RN

Please congratulate her for this honor!

June 15a

She was nominated with the following descriptions of her caring spirit…

I nominate Myra.  She is ALWAYS putting others before herself, showing compassion and love to every stranger.  She is smart, thorough, willing to teach or help anyone despite the time it requires and the risk of denying herself.  She is the true model of what a NURSE means.

Myra is my nomination for the Caring Nurse Award.  She always is concerned about the patient’s well-being and goes out of her way to help the patient, including buying things for the patient out of her pocket if they are indigent or getting community resources for them to get groceries.  She loves the patients!

Other wonderful nurses nominated were: Virginia Comeaux, RN, Cindy Reavill, RN, Frankii Files, RN, Dedra Dunn, RN, Kristi Pitre, RN and Cymonne Broussard, RN



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Rosewood Nursing Rehabilitation Center Parade

Rosewood Nursing Rehabilitation Center parade was a hit! Thank you to Lillian Chambers for organizing the parade. And thank you to Mayor Randy Roach for coming out to join us. The Parade was in honor of Nursing Home Week.

Rosewood parade 2016


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